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The advantages of Gaincin’s hot treated steel grinding mill rods

Currently, most of the enterprises utilize the round bar steel rolled by the steel mill as the steel grinding rod directly. The round bar steel has very low hardness of only 12HRC to 25HRC, and the internal stress, leading to broken damage easily and low wear resistance property. Meanwhile, the round bar steel comes with some defects such as loose and not compact internal structure. Just because of that, using the round bar steel for grinding would cause a series of problems such as large wear, easily bending, breaking, winding, two tapering ends, low productivity, failing to reach the expected qualified rate, heavy workload of the follow-up magnetic separation process, etc.


1.The wear resistant effect of the new-type alloy wear resistant steel grinding rod is 1.5 to 2 times stronger than that of the rolled steel bar. Marked by excellent wear resistant property, the product can save a lot of cost for the customer.
2.It is manufactured by using the latest production method. The dimension and the specification can be adjusted in accordance with the requirements of the customers. The largely improved flexibility can save the unnecessary waste.
3.The product can serve for a longer time, economize the production cost and mitigate the labor intensity of the workers. Moreover, it eliminates the need for stopping the rod mill to add the new steel grinding rod every day, which is conducive to largely enhancing the productivity.

Our domestic clients are full of praise for the product. Our product order process would follow the steps below.
1.Communicate with the customer to understand the requirements of customers to the product regarding length, diameter, quantity, etc.
2.Order the raw material from the steel mill.
3.Carry out the inspection for the incoming raw material.
4.After being inspected to be qualified, the raw material is processed with professional quenching and high temperature tempering, heat treatment, straightness adjusting, and others by using the professional equipment and technology.
5.Inspect the finished steel grinding rod about the hardness, impact value, drop test, etc.
6.After being approved, all the finished products are stored into the warehouse for delivery.

We manufacture the product with the length of 1m to 5.8m and the diameter of 20mm to 150mm. The data is just for reference. The product can also be customized. By virtue of many years' experience in researching, developing, and manufacturing the refractory material, we devote ourselves to producing the high-class wear resistant product for the rod mill user.

After years of research and development, we finally develop the new-type steel grinding rod successfully. The newly developed product is characterized by low wear, unique chemical composition, high hardness of 50HRC to 60HRC, and strong toughness. Meanwhile, via the quenching and high temperature tempering treatment, the internal stress is removed. The product has good straightness, and won't break, bend and come out with two tapering ends. Its comprehensive effect is 1.5 to 2 times of that of the round bar steel. The economic benefit is much in evidence.

The steel grinding rod is the optimum choice for the enterprises using the rod mill and the coal mill, such as cement plant, electric power plant, mine, quartz sand plant, silica sand plant, sand aerated industry, coal chemical industry, gas concrete plant, etc. So far, it has been operated into over ten countries and regions, and obtained the unanimous approval from the users.