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Home > Introduction of chromium alloy casting ball

Introduction of High chromium alloy casting balls


High chromium alloy (high chromium white cast iron grinding ball and high chromium steel), as the high chrome ball. At present, most of the domestic wear-resistant material enterprises are the intermediate frequency electric furnace. Through reasonable match after melting of high quality scrap steel, chromium alloy material. As well as micro alloying treatment and quenching. And then the unique metal mold, sand casting molding process. After the high temperature quenching and tempering treatment, martensite matrix is obtained to achieve high hardness and wear resistance.

Application of high chromium alloy casting ball

High chromium alloy casting ball is widely used in cement building materials, metal mines, coal slurry thermal power, chemical engineering, ceramic coatings, light industry paper, magnetic materials and other industries of powder preparation and ultra deep processing. The product has high hardness, low wear, good toughness, less broken, in the process of using the sphere surface hardness will be further improved, wear resistance, and can improve the productive capacity of the mill, increasing the specific surface area of cement and concentrate recovery.

Wear resistant alloy casting ball is used in ball mill grinding medium. Material used for pulverizing mill. At present, there are two forms: one is to chromium white cast iron main alloy elements of chromium alloy cast iron. Chromium alloy cast iron grinding ball, which is made of chromium alloy cast iron. The two is that ductile cast iron grinding ball is made of nodular cast iron. The matrix structure obtained by heat treatment is bainite ductile iron grinding ball. Nodular cast iron grinding ball, which is mainly composed of martensite, is obtained by heat treatment.

1, Wear resistant alloy casting ball & Cast cylinder is widely used in metallurgical and mining, cement, thermal power, flue gas desulfurization, magnetic materials, chemical industry, coal water slurry, pellet, slag, fly ash, superfine powder, calcium carbonate, quartz sand mill industry. 2, product specifications: 

2, Specification for steel ball of 8 mm and 130 mm; steel specifications for 8 x 10 mm x 45 mm.

3,Quality standard for wear resistant alloy casting ball

The product content of chromium (Cr0.5% ~ 30%), hardness (HRC40 ~ 68), impact value, broken rate, wear quality standard according to the actual condition of users tailored or contract conditions. 

4. Rules for the inspection of wear resistant alloy cast balls

Chemical composition inspection:

Casting grinding ball by supplier quality inspection department inspection. The electric furnace smelting, each furnace as a group; the cupola, each 2H as a group.. 1 samples were taken for chemical composition inspection. If the test result is not qualified, it is necessary to double sampling retest, of which there are still 1 samples are not qualified, then the grinding ball is unqualified.

Grinding ball diameter inspection and hardness testing are carried out in batches:

The same grade in the smelting process under the condition of stable, multi-furnace casting and by the same process of furnace heat treatment (if the need for heat treatment), to a certain number or with the same nominal diameter of a certain quality of grinding ball for a group, each group were randomly selected from 3 ball test. If the 1 ball is not qualified, then randomly selected the same number of grinding balls for retesting, two sample unqualified ball number greater than or equal to 2, the number of balls is not qualified. If the hardness of the grinding ball is not qualified, the heat treatment can be repeated.

Product packaging is according to user needs, can be made of high strength nylon woven bag(1,000kgs/bag) or packing drum/barrel (850~950kgs/drum).