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Home > Characteristics/Types of cement carbide balls

Characteristics/Types of cement carbide balls 




Hard alloy ball of high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti bending, bad environment, can replace all steel products.

Hard alloy ball hardness is more than 90.5, the density of =14.9g/m3. Use of cemented carbide balls:

Cemented carbide ball is widely used. Such as: precision bearings, instruments, pens, spraying machine, water pump, machinery fittings, seal valve, brake pump, extruding hole, oil, hydrochloric acid laboratory, hardness measurement, fishing gear, weight, decoration, finishing and so on high-end industry.

Production process of cemented carbide ball:The production process of cemented carbide ball is similar to other cemented carbide products. Mainly, according to the use requirements, formula powder by wet grinding, mixing, crushing, drying, sieving, adding molding agent, then drying and sieving granulation to prepare a mixture, cold isostatic pressing, forming, sintering, molding, packaging and warehousing (blank). According to the specific requirements and different parameters.

The main products are hard alloy ball, tungsten steel ball, tungsten ball, high gravity alloy ball, etc.. The smallest cemented carbide ball can be about 0.3 in diameter.


Cemented carbide balls, commonly known as tungsten steel ball, is made as materials with hard alloy ball, ball, hard alloy ball hardness and wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti bending, bad environment, can replace all steel products

Cemented carbide ball - Hard alloy ball with high hardness of refractory metal carbides (WC, TiC) micron powder as the main ingredient, with cobalt or nickel (Co) (Ni), molybdenum (Mo) as the binder, powder metallurgy products in vacuum furnace or hydrogen reduction furnace in sintering, is currently the common hard alloy YG, YN, YT gold, YW series.

Hard alloy ball used mainly consists of: YG6 hard alloy ball. YG6x hard alloy ball. YG8 hard alloy ball. YG13 hard alloy ball.YG20 hard alloy ball. YN6 hard alloy ball.YN9 hard alloy ball.YN12 hard alloy ball.YT5 hard alloy ball.YT15 hard alloy ball.