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Motion analysis of ball mill from Suizhou Gaincin Machinery Co.,Ltd


In the process of grinding, it has many variable parameters. Such as ball mill speed, specifications, media filling rate, etc.. Thus, the motion state of the material in the mill will become complex and diverse. When the ball is thrown, there is a greater resistance in the process of the rise of the ball, the grinding of the material is mainly from the steel ball and the liner and the steel ball and the grinding effect.


Through this function, the material is crushed. When the ball rises to a certain extent, it will be thrown down. In this process, the material is not affected by any force. So it won't be crushed or broken. When the ball ball bearing will fall to the foot, and the bottom surface of the lining plate of the severe impact, and have a great impact, the impact crushing material. Therefore, when the ball is thrown down, the grinding and crushing action is mainly caused by the impact and the grinding is supplemented. In this way, the impact force is larger and the crushing efficiency is relatively high.


When the steel ball is used to reduce the motion, the material will be crushed along with the friction force generated by the rolling up and down rolling process of the cylinder wall. In the rolling ball from top to bottom, will have a great impact, the particles through the huge impact shattered. Ball in the fall of the movement of the material in the grinding and grinding is the main role of grinding, supplemented by shock. In the ball mill, no matter whether the steel ball is dropped or thrown down, or the mixed motion of the ball mill, the energy state of the ball mill is changing.


The potential energy of the steel ball at the bottom of the cylinder relative to the bottom of the cylinder is zero, and the kinetic energy of the steel ball is zero. As the steel ball is raised by the liner, the potential energy increases gradually. When moving to the highest point, the ball mill ball has both potential energy and kinetic energy. When the ball is thrown from the highest point of contact with the mineral material, the energy is transformed into the kinetic energy of the ball striking the ore.


In the end, the deformation, crack and expansion energy of the material and the surface energy of the broken material are obtained. In order to obtain the highest energy from the outside of the grinding medium. And as much as possible to be absorbed by the mill, so that the ball to get more kinetic energy to crush materials. It is necessary to make the ball mill grinding media group as much as possible to do throwing movement.


Premium Quality Grinding Media Balls in the Ball Mill working