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Home > Analysis of heat treatment of grinding ball

Analysis of heat treatment of grinding balls


Heat treatment process of steel ball heat treatment generally includes heating, insulation, cooling three processes, sometimes only heating and cooling of the two processes.


These processes are interconnected, uninterrupted. Heating is one of the important processes of heat treatment. Heat treatment of steel ball heating methods, the first is the use of charcoal and coal as a heat source, and then the use of liquid and gas fuel. The application of electric heating makes it easy to control and has no environmental pollution. The heat source can be directly heated, or can be indirectly heated by molten salt or steel ball, and floating particles.


When the steel ball is heated, the workpiece is exposed to the air, and the oxidation and decarburization (i.e., the carbon content of the surface of the steel parts) is often reduced. Therefore, the steel ball should normally be heated in a controlled atmosphere or in a protective atmosphere, molten salt and vacuum.


Heating temperature is one of the most important parameters in the heat treatment process. The heating temperature varies with the material of the steel ball and the heat treatment, but it is usually heated to the phase transition temperature to obtain the high temperature structure. Another change will take some time, so when the ball surface of the workpiece to achieve the required heating temperature, the temperature must be maintained for some time, inside and outside temperature, the microstructure change completely, this time called the holding time. The use of high energy density heating and surface heat treatment, heating speed is very fast, there is no heat preservation time, and chemical heat treatment time is often longer.


Cooling is also an indispensable step in the process of heat treatment. The cooling method is different because of the different process. Generally, the cooling rate is the slowest, the cooling speed is faster, and the cooling speed is faster. But also because different types of steel have different requirements, such as empty hard steel can use the same normalizing the cooling speed of quench.