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Home > Correct usage of grinding ball in Ball Mill Suizhou Gaincin

Correct usage of grinding balls with different specifications in ball mill


The newly installed ball mill has a running in process. In the process of running in, the steel ball quantity is added for the first time. The ball must account for 80% of the maximum ball load of the ball mill, and the proportion of the steel ball can be added according to the size of the steel ball (phi 120mm, Phi 100mm, Phi 80mm, Phi 60mm, Phi 40mm). Different ball mill models have different balls. For example, HX1500 * 3000 ball mill maximum loading capacity of 9.5-10 tons. The first time to add a large ball of steel ball (120mm and 100mm) accounted for 30%-40%, the ball 80mm accounted for 40%-30%, small ball (60 and 40mm) accounted for 30%. Why in the course of the ball in the process of adding only 80% believe that this is where many people doubt. Experts tell us that after the ball mill is installed, the size of the ball mill gear meshing, processing capacity should be gradually increased. After two or three days of continuous operation of the ball mill, check the size of the gear meshing situation, all normal. Then you can open the ball mill manhole cover second times to add the remaining 20% steel ball. After the ball mill running normally. Each class of steel ball by 3:4:3 (120mm 3, 100mm is 4, 80mm is 3) add.

Here, there is little need to pay attention to, small steel ball generally only in the first time when the ball needs to be added with. This is because the normal operation of the ball mill and the steel ball, steel ball and the ore, steel ball and ball mill liner between the reasonable friction, with the increase of wear, the ball gradually reduced, the ball will become a ball. Therefore, under normal circumstances, except for the first time the ball mill does not need to add the ball. Add the ball is in the useful mineral particle size without monomer dissociation, when the mill fineness can not meet the requirements of the flotation, can add the right amount of small ball. In the continuous operation of the ball mill, the ball will wear. In order to keep the ball filling rate and the reasonable proportion of the ball, to maintain the stable operation of the ball mill, it is necessary to make reasonable compensation for the ball. The weight of the steel ball is decided by the quality of the steel ball and the quality of the steel ball. It is best to use a new type of super wear-resistant steel ball. The best addition of steel balls is calculated according to the amount of ore per ton (i.e., the addition of 0.8kg per ton of ore). The average steel ball is treated with a ton of ore to be 1kg-1.2kg.  

Different types of ball mill is also different. Here, Hebei steel promise to give some of the size of the ball to increase the proportion of recommendations for your reference. The diameter of the ball mill is below 2500mm, and the size of the ball is 100mm, 80mm, 60mm. The diameter of the ball mill is more than 2500mm, and the size of the ball is 100mm, 80mm,120mm.


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